Kelley, Clyde Frederick

(1886 - 1965)

Helping Hand

Kelley, Clyde Frederick - American (1886 - 1965) - Helping Hand
Kelley, Clyde Frederick - American (1886 - 1965) - Helping Hand
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  • Artist Name: Kelley, Clyde Frederick
  • Artist Nationality: American
  • Birth-Death Dates: (1886 - 1965)
  • Artwork Title: Helping Hand
  • Subject: Human Figure
  • Medium: Oil on panel
  • Signed: Lower left, “C.F. Kelley”
  • Presentation: Framed
  • Unframed Dimensions: 36” x 23.50”
  • Verso: Sticker "Papillon Gallery/Clyde Frederick Kelly/"Helping Hand"/Oil on Panel Signed/American, C. 1930"…. Tag from Treadway Toomey gallery… covered with brown paper (can't see directly to verso)

“Born in Alba, IN on Nov. 8, 1886. Kelley studied at the ASL of NYC and in Paris. Upon returning from France, he eked out a precarious living doing pen-and-ink drawings for newspapers in NYC. With his new wife Edith Summers, he lived briefly in New Jersey and Kentucky before settling in San Diego in 1924 (1).”

Throughout his career he specialized in figurative, genre subjects that depicted American life in the 1930s-1950s; his paintings mirrored the paintings of the American WPA movement, yet retained a sense of expressionism (2).”

“There [in Kentucky] he taught life drawing and worked with Donal Hord on sculpture projects. He was active in San Diego until 1945 when he moved north to Los Gatos. His final years were spent as a resident of Castro Valley, CA where he died on Sept. 8, 1965. Kelley is best known for his pen-and-ink drawings, lithographs, drypoint and bitten-line etchings (1)”.


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